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1. Model Rocket Stability -

This module discusses factors associated with stability of fin stabilized rockets. It provides insights on Center of Gravity, Center of Pressure, and Static Margin.

2. Model Rocket Drag -

This module addresses the elements of model rocket drag, including supporting equations.

3. Model Rocket Testing -

This module outlines how to set up a basic lab to test model rockets designs. It includes insights on inertia measurement, fin load testing, rocket motor testing, rocket bend testing, and rocket motor static testing.

4. Introduction to Basic Orbital Mechanics -

This module provides an overview of basic orbital mechanics concepts. Topics include circular orbits, elliptical orbits and orbital transfer trajectories. Equations are provided to allow for the calculation of orbital velocities.

5. Suborbital Rocket Flight Performance -

This module provides an overview of flight trajectory concepts and terminaology.

6. Basic Rocket Motor Theory -

This module provides an overview of concepts and theories governing how rocket motors work. Concepts such as Pressure Thrust, Momentum Thrust, and rocket nozzles are discussed. Sample calculations based on real engineering scenarios are provided to verify the theories. The video includes an igniter test, an underwater motor firing, and a static firing of a model rocket motor.

7. Guided Rockets -

This module provides a basic overview of of how guided rockets work

8. The Rocket Equations -

This module outlines how the Rocket Equations are used to estimate the weight (and thus size) of an orbital rocket. It addresses topics such as required launch velocity, mass fraction, fuel mass fraction, and staging. While these equations give a starting point for a design, a huge amount of engineering is needed to convert an initial estimate into a flying rocket.

9. Parachutes -

This module provides information on non-lifting parachutes. It addresses basic parachute physiscs, parachute sizing, the concept of opening loads, and experimental techniques for testing small parachutes :

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