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1. Basic Tools Needed -

This Module identifies the basic tools you will need to build the equipment used in the LabRat Lab. I have tried to keep the equipment fairly simple so basic hand tools and power tools can be used.

2. Force Measuring Devices -

This Module addesses the types of force measuring and weight measuring devices that are used in the LabRat Lab. Once again I have tried to limit the complexity of the equipment so it is easily obtainable and affordable.

3. Building a Rolling Experiment Cart -

This Module provides instructions and a how-to video showing how to build a simple rolling cart that can be used in LabRat Experiments. The consruction is simple and only basic hand and power tools are needed.

4. Model Rocket Testing Equipment -

This module outlines how to set up a basic lab to test model rockets designs:

5. Propeller Testing Rig -

This module outlines how to build a device to measure the thrust produced by a motor and propeller:

6. Low-Speed Wind Tunnel -

This module provides insights on how to build a low-cost, low-speed wind tunnel:

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